3-on-3 Scrimmages

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  • More touches
  • More involvement for all players
  • Defensive and rebounding importance
  • Faster game with quicker decisions
  • Shorter games for more quality possessions
  • Less adult coaching – Let the kids play
  • All the above make it fun because it is great basketball



  • Players grouped by age/skill
  • Limited spots per group
  • Wear any dark/white reversible to play
  • All scrimmages will be officiated/coached
  • Dynamic teams each week
  • Register as individuals



No scrimmages scheduled at this time

3-on-3 competition is a sensational way for players to enjoy pure basketball and develop their game through competition.  It is amazing to watch young players make significant improvements during a few short hours of quality 3-on-3.  We highly recommend players make 3-on-3 a big part of their basketball regimen.  Players who play a lot of 3-on-3 will learn the valuable skill of adapting to the game.  It will help players play instinctively as they are forced to make many quick decisions during the game.  The game is always the best teacher.

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Registrations for individual players

For questions, contact us at 3on3@risehoops.org